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MediaScribe main windowMediaScribe is a media player, designed to allow you to annotate your video and audio files – think of the media equivalent of pulling out a highlighter and scribbling over a book. The application is specifically designed for people who use video and audio files for learning – academics, professions who like to brush up on their skills, and personal use – for example, with cooking instructional videos, or language courses.

MediaScribe is designed to make media as referable as written material. The problem with video and audio courses, is that if you ever want to refer to them to check up on information you remember being in there… it’s a hassle to find the right location, and to connect the pieces of information together with the rest of the information in the course. MediaScribe is intended to solve these problems, by making annotating the course so painless that you naturally do it as you play it the first time, and have a chunk of notes (with relevant track locations automatically set for each note!) to make reviewing your media as easy as looking back at a book.

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